Stockport Is Ready…

Hotels, offices and leisure facilities are part of a new revamped Stockport bringing together over a £1 billion investment. Gone are the days when Stockport as the poor relation of Cheshire.

A significant part of the new infusion of investment as been brought about by transport spending. Both the Department of Transport and Transport for Greater Manchester are funding significant schemes to improve the links with the surrounding areas.

As well as new hotels and leisure facilities. There are some new exciting co-working and office providers, such as Ourworx that are offering trendy space aimed at businesses who want a community environment but with the convenience of a serviced office with beautiful interiors.

We are sure Stockport is ready for its next exciting phase of growth.

Besides Price and location, guess what the 3rd reason is for choosing the right office for your business?

For most businesses, choosing the right office, can be an important part of your business success. If you think about it, you probably spend more waking hours in your office, than you do in your home. The usual factors like location, price of the office and choosing the right size are obviously important for you.

In the last 5 years, there is a new factor or ingredient that businesses are increasingly looking to as a way of helping their staff be more productive and efficient. The word is office ‘Environment’. Increasingly businesses want to be surrounded by other like-minded companies in a fun, vibrant atmosphere. Both owners and their staff want to be part of a buzz environment, maybe where they can have informal chats in the kitchen or the lounge area. Many of the new breed of office space are putting much effort now into creating the work spaces and office environment that will stimulate creativity and community amongst their members or tenants.

Once such business who is breaking the mould of the traditional office space ‘dullness’ is Ourworx in Stockport. Things such as funky lounge spaces, wireless sonos music streamed throughout the building, beautifully decorated offices have all given Ourworx the edge in creating the office space of the future.

In the past it was only the major cities that had these new trendy office space in which to base your business. Ourworx, based in Hazel Grove, Stockport has over 6,000sqft of luxury office space, with office sizes ranging from 1 to 4 person. So maybe in the future instead of it being just price and location when choosing office space. Maybe the 3rd factor will be the ‘environment’, which means Ourworx offices maybe the office space of the future.

Is your home office becoming too small for your business? Time to look for an office space

When is the right time to move your business out of the spare room?

Being a business owner and running your own business from home can be great. You have freedom to work when you want, how you want and wearing what you want! But there comes a time when running a business from your home starts to become more difficult. When the decision of whether to move into a proper office space starts to become a very genuine concern.

The question is, when is the right time to move? How do you know when to make the jump from home office to professional office space?

Every individual circumstance is different. Each business has different needs and requirements which make the decision very personal. However, there are a few indicators that can help you to decide if now might be the time is right for you.

Home working can drag you down

As your business grows in in size and prosperity, it will naturally begin to outgrow the space available in your home. It might be that you need to employ staff, or hold regular client meetings, or take deliveries and hold stock.

With many businesses there is a desire to present a more professional image as the client base grows. In this circumstance, pitching to larger commercial clients in the living room or in the local coffee shop, just won’t cut it.

Perhaps you’re going stir-crazy, getting lonely and need to leave the house more often. Working from home does, after time, begin to hamper creativity and productivity. And there can often be too many distractions around the house. Or maybe, your business is beginning to take over the whole house and you’re struggling to switch off and feeling that you’re never out of work?

If any of these apply to you and your business, then perhaps it’s about time you started to look for a suitable professional office space.

Finding the right office space

Once you have made the decision, it’s important to ensure that you move into the right office space for your business. Everything from the agreement available, the flexibility of the space, the extras that are included and the atmosphere of the communal areas is important.

It’s also important to consider the location of the offices that you’re thinking of moving into. Are they close enough to your home, and to travel routes to make it suitable. Does it come with added extras such as, meeting and boardrooms you can use, and communal areas for breakout and informal networking?

These are all things to consider when looking at which is the right office for your SME to grow from.

Ourworx, state-of-the-art serviced offices

Whatever type of business you run, if you’re considering a move from your home office to a purpose built office space, then Ourworx could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Our office suites are the perfect business centres to help you deliver growth and move on to the next stage of your business.

At Ourworx, we believe that the best environment to nurture small businesses is a dynamic supportive space, where small business owners can work with a community of like-minded individuals and companies. Because working in a communal office can offer a small business so much.

So, whatever your business does, give us a call and find out how we can help you take the step from your bedroom to the perfect office for your small business.

Business is booming in Stockport

Six months into 2017 and Stockport is really beginning to see the changes. New infrastructures are growing fast and new businesses are springing up every day. At Ourworx, we’re honoured to play our part in supporting small businesses growth in Stockport.

Stockport major development impacts small business

We are 36 months into a huge investment plan in the town of Stockport. The results of the £1 billion investment programme are having a significant impact. From the new Red Rock development to the airport link road extension, Stockport is feeling the effects, and small businesses are gaining from it.  What’s proving interesting, is the new type of customers that are being attracted to the town for the first time. From start-ups to established businesses, companies are now seeing Stockport as a viable alternative to more expensive spaces in Manchester.

office space

The need for quality office space

The businesses attracted to Stockport are looking for the quality of workspace previously only seen city centres. High quality, aspirational businesses need facilities that match their image and their prestige. And new startups need premises that are flexible and suited to support business in the digital economy.

At Ourworx, we are uniquely set up to support the business boom in Stockport. We have strived to create a flexible, creative space that is geared specifically to small business needs.

We understand that agile businesses need agile solutions and so we work hard to make sure our clients get the best they can from working in a booming business environment.

But don’t take our work for it, here’s what our clients have said about their office space here.

Stockport is a great location for business

“The first thing that attracted me to Ourworx was the practicality of the location. Being so close to the travel network, and yet with free onsite parking, I was itching to find out more. And then I saw the inside! It’s such an amazing space to be working in. Really high class finish to everything, but so reasonable too. And the atmosphere was just what I knew I needed. It’s buzzing in here. There’s always someone around to talk to if I need a break or five minutes to switch off. But, more importantly, there’s always someone who can help out if I have a problem or an idea I need to bounce around.”
Anna Myers, Myers, Myers Motor Merchandising.

Alex Gunning, from Chase Personnel agreed. “The location is great. I get easy access to the road network and motorway, and the train into Manchester is quick and regular. Vital, too, was the free onsite parking. It’s such a premium concern. On top of that, the facilities are first rate. It’s a great space to bring people into, but also its an inspiring space to work in. It makes coming into the office a pleasure.

Flexible offices for the new boom in Stockport Business

With our flexible packages, super-fast fibre broadband, 24-hour access and everything else you need comes inclusive in the deal. No matter whether you are a young, creative start-up, semi-retired professional, or a working parent, Ourworx is proud to support your business as part of the Stockport Business boom.

For more information on office availability in Stockport, contact us, or drop by for an informal visit.

Business image means a lot – The right office space can enhance your business

Business startups in Stockport and the North West have hit an all time high. Small business numbers have grown dramatically in recent years as sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs set up and look to develop their strengths to build a growing successful business.

With so many startups, and such a lot of competition out there, it’s vital to hit the right note with clients and to develop the best possible image for your new business, so that your customers want to come back to you again and again.

Developing your small business image

There is plenty of advice out there to support small business development, but the one piece thing that all the growth advisors, business development coaches and support networks agree on is that establishing the right image is key to building relationships with clients.

Here are a three simple tips to help you improve your image in your small business marketing efforts.

1. Get the branding and imagery right

Branding is the promise of what you deliver. But your visuals are important tools for delivering a suitable image fbusiness. It’s important to use appropriate imagery to build your credibility and to bond with prospects and customers. This makes your photos, pictures and illustrations important tools – particularly on your website.

If potential buyers can clearly see the features of a product you’re selling, they feel more confident that you’re selling what you promise.

On top of that, high-quality image of your company, office location and working environment ground you as a solid business that has a permanent base, rather than a backroom amatuer whose business is transient and soon to disappear.

2. Use feedback to evaluate your image

Getting feedback from your customers and staff is invaluable. You can use it to evaluate your image and make changes where necessary.

It’s often the case that a business owner believes that they are projecting a particular image of their business, when in actuality fact, customers and staff perceive the business in a completely different way. If this is the case, something has been lost in translation, and needs to be remedied.

Collecting feedback from a number of sources delivers a wide range of opinions, and can help you see what works well, what can be improved and how to grow and move forward.

3. Office Location Does Matter

A conference call to someone in the PJs doesn’t give the most positive image of their business acumen. In the same way, phone calls to clients interrupted by the doorbell, the dog, or screaming children, can leave you looking like a backroom amateur, rather than a serious business owner. Likewise, holding client meetings in the local branded coffee house is acceptable on the odd occasion, but it’s not a long term solution for providing an image of activity, enthusiasm and forward momentum.

Location is everything – presentation can make or break your business. It doesn’t matter if you manage 95% of your business from online, or if you’re a sales or marketing company that takes inbound calls and never speaks with customers face-to-face, if you don’t have the right location, you won’t get the business. Your office location and situation does matter, in small businesses, people still buy and do deals locally, with someone they can meet face to face to talk to. Having the right location to meet, the facilities and atmosphere, makes all the difference.

Ourworx Offices – perfect for your small business image

A high quality office location, such as OurWorx, can have a huge impact on your identity, and can boost your own enthusiasm for your brand. Most rented office spaces like OurWorx have dedicated areas to host a client meeting in a vibrant working office space ensures you maintain an air of legitimacy and professionalism.

For more information contact us HERE, or pop in for an informal visit. We’re always happy to show you round and help you find the best solution to give your business the perfect image for the future.

Location matters! The right office rental in the right location can enhance your business

Here’s why we think an office rental in Stockport is important for your business

Small business is booming in Stockport.

In recent years there has been an explosion of self employed, freelancers and small businesses springing up. Many entrepreneurs start up at home, then gravitate to coffee shops. But your choice of the location of your business can have a major impact on your business.

Office location matters

Location and presentation can make or break your business. It doesn’t matter if you manage 95% of your business from online, or if you’re a sales or marketing company that takes inbound calls and never speaks with customers face-to-face. If you don’t have the right location, you see the benefits.

Here are a few reasons we believe that location matters, even to an online businesses.

The right office rental enhances your visibility

No matter what you do, businesses do need to be visible. It is true 78% of Internet users research products online, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want to see evidence of your company’s existence.

If you’re a small start-up or you aren’t a name-brand (yet), your business would do well to be in a location that is trustworthy, reputable and gives the image of professionalism.

An office space, like Ourworx, gives your brand an element of trust that can’t be had found in the coffee shop. Customers will be more likely to trust you online if they know you have a real office in a real business community.

The right office rental does wonders for your reputation

Allied with visibility is reputation. People look up where your business is located, especially in the B2B field. Which means that the a professional looking office will enhance you reputation as a business.

The other factor that affects your reputation is your staff. Your products and services are one thing, but if you have a sales team who can’t sell or marketing agents who don’t know the latest advertising, you won’t get very far. Setting up a business in the right location to attract motivated, hardworking employees will boost your company’s reputation.

Putting your business in a cheap, run-down building to save money, won’t build your reputation. Customers want to see your physical location as an inviting, well-to-do company, not one that looks like it might go out of business any day.

The right office rental can give you more motivation

Even if your small business is mostly online, you’ll still have to spend time at your desk. The biggest problem people moving into self employment find they have to deal with is often loneliness. Working on your own in a business can be isolating. Which affects motivation.

An inspiring office rental location will remove that isolation, and inspire you to be more motivated than ever before.

The same can be said for any staff you employ. Your employees are your most important business asset, and they need to be taken care of. Nothing will remove your employees motivation faster than a dirty, shabby or poorly maintained office environment. Find a location that will be sure to attract the right employees, and you will have a motivated staff who will go that extra mile for you and your business.

The right office rental will help your business grow!

The more people are aware of your business, the more business you’ll get. Studies show that word of mouth is still the primary way people recommend local businesses, with 72% of people saying that they recommend businesses this way, as opposed to social media or online reviews.

As your reputation, visibility and motivation increase, so will your business opportunities. Having a quality location for your business, your customers will find you more easily connect with you more fully.

So even if your business is largely online, having a great physical location in a great office rental will make your products and services more accessible to your customers and will make your business grow.

Ourworx offers the best office rental space in Stockport

Location isn’t just about where your office sits. It’s about your company culture and accessibility. At Ourworx we have worked hard to foster a thriving, professional atmosphere in an amazing office space. Our relaxed office environment creates the perfect balance of space and creativity.

We have office spaces available for all sizes of small business. As well as break out areas and a separate meeting room. Covering the bases for all workers and all needs.

Come and see why our location is so great and why our customers chose our location for their business.

Join us at Ourworx to learn the benefits of how an office space can enhance how you work.

Why Choose a Serviced Office In Stockport? 7 Reasons a serviced office is better than a conventional space

For businesses looking to rent office premises in Stockport, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. The questions for many small business owners is, how do you know what’s the best option for you, and whether you should rent a simple conventional office space, or a serviced office?

Here’s seven reasons why we believe business owners might choose a serviced office as the perfect home for their organisation.

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Our customers tell us what they like most about Ourworx offices in Stockport

The customers at our serviced offices in Stockport are a diverse and interesting bunch. Some have long established businesses, others are new startups or are moving from a startup to step-up phase of business. They found their way to our luxury offices for a variety of reasons.

We talked to three of them, and asked what led them to Ourworx and why they love being here so much.

Tell us who you are

Rob, Search and More: We are a web design and marketing agency. We’ve got over 25 years of industry experience, helping our clients build their online presence in a way which secures them real engagement and a viable connection with their audience.

Alex Gunning, Chase Personnel: Chase Personnel is an RPO recruitment company, which means we handle all the recruitment processes for our clients. We work across 3 key sectors: Health & Social Care, Construction & Property and Sales & Admin. We provide high quality hires from entry level staff through to senior leadership placements.

Anna Myers, Myers Motor Merchandising: We’ve been trading for a long time, providing promotional products to the motor trade. We have a long standing relationship with many clients built over years of good service.

What made you look for new serviced offices in Stockport?

Rob: We had offices in Poynton. We had a good deal and were very happy. But the lease suddenly increased dramatically, above market value. We’re happy to pay for the space we rent, but we didn’t feel this was the best deal available to us. So we looked around.

Alex: Essentially, when I kicked off, I was working from home and trying to juggle my home life with work life, all in the same space. I had a year of doing that – and a year was enough! Plenty of people wouldn’t admit it, but I knew I was getting stale and I knew I wasn’t reaching my potential.

Anna: For the last few years, I’ve been working out of a home office. It suited me to start with, but after a while I just felt so isolated and depressed. I need to be around people. If I’m not, I lose focus on the business and find myself on a downward spiral. Work suffers, home life suffers, productivity goes down and the business suffers as a result.

Where did you look for offices?

Rob: Everywhere! We looked into all the options very carefully. There are cheap offices out there, but we need to be able to meet clients in a professional atmosphere, and we have standards to uphold. There are lots of offices available in Stockport, but some we looked at were badly appointed, whilst others at the higher end of the market were expensive for what they were. Whilst there are some good office locations, we didn’t feel at home in any of them. Nothing felt quite right.

Alex: I looked all over. I didn’t want to pay the earth, but I wanted somewhere that reflected our values as a growing agency. I needed to be able to do candidate interviews in private and I needed somewhere I would feel proud to bring my clients. I wanted the Manchester agency feel, but without the extra cost.

Anna: There’s plenty of office rentals out there, but not all of them are suitable. Some offered a good deal on the  surface, with a very cheap rental package. But when visited, there was just no atmosphere – people were shut up in their own offices, with nowhere to break out or relax and no sense of community. It wasn’t what I know I need to be productive.

How did you find Ourworx Stockport Offices?

Rob: We found Ourworx through the web and decided to have a look. The minute we walked in through the door, we knew. It is an amazing space. We felt immediately that it was a suitable space for our kind of business, but there were other factors that swung it for us.

Alex: A friend of mine had an office space here and suggested I come in and have a look. As someone who’s business is founded on trusted relationships and referrals, I was looking for someone I trusted to help me find just what I needed. I wasn’t let down. He sent me through some images of the space inside, and I was amazed. It looks like a fantastic, and when I came in to visit, I wasn’t disappointed. I knew immediately that it was a place I needed to be, but there were other factors that helped me decide too.

Anna: I found Ouroworx on Gumtree. The first thing that attracted me was the practicality of the location. Being so close to the travel network, and yet with free onsite parking, I was itching to find out more. And then I saw the inside!

What made you join Ourworx and take an office package?

Rob: The price was perfect for us. We are saving £150 a month from our previous office space, and the facilities are light years ahead. We get easy access to the whole north west region, the train into Manchester is fast and reliable, and the free onsite parking is a must. Add to that, free tea, coffee and an amazing space to bring people into, and we knew we had the perfect solution for our agency.

Alex: The location is great. Vital, too, is the free onsite parking. It was a premium concern for me. The last thing I need when I come into work is to struggle to find a space! On top of that, the facilities are first rate. It’s a great space to bring people into, but also its an inspiring space to work in. It makes coming into the office a pleasure. I feel proud of it. The price was on the upper side of what I was prepared to pay. Still really reasonable, but there were cheaper office spaces out there I looked at. But just none of them had the same facilities and high quality. That’s what set this place apart. Lots of cheap offices feel run down, and unloved, but this is a nice place to come to.

Anna: It’s such an amazing space to be working in. Really high class finish to everything, but so reasonable too. And the atmosphere was just what I knew I needed. It’s buzzing in here. There’s always someone around to talk to if I need a break or five minutes to switch off. But, more importantly, there’s always someone who can help out if I have a problem or an idea I need to bounce around. I took a larger office than we needed to start with. Because we are a growing business and we are looking to increase staff. Ourworx have been brilliant at accommodating us and we’ve got the option of moving into a larger space whenever we need.

What facilities do you appreciate the most?

Rob: The value. Everything is bundled in together. Broadband and service charges aren’t extras, but are included in the price. And the packages on offer are flexible too. We have a good sized office space, enough for our team. But if we want to expand there are plenty of options available to support that. The boardroom and meeting spaces are very important to our business. Having the meeting spaces to chat informally with clients is invaluable.  We settled in straight away. It does feel like a family, and a very welcoming one at that.  We’ve made some great connections working here and have been able to offer help to some of the smaller businesses who are in the startup phase. There is buzz here. Everyone says it. And we feel as though we make a great contribution to the atmosphere. Wayne, the manager of Ourworx says: “The only thing they can’t do here is sleep!” It’s a great quote and totally true!

Alex:  I feel at home when I come in! It’s comfortable and yet still maintains a professional atmosphere. Having other people around to say morning to, or to grab a coffee and a chat with makes it much more friendly. There’s a buzz to the place that’s infectious. It makes me more productive being here, there’s no doubt about that.

Anna: I’m so much better motivated. Being in a thriving business environment rubs off and the results from my business bare this out. There’s been a noticeable increase in sales, and this is purely due to being more productive and more focussed and motivated, as well as working from a business atmosphere with a proper business address.  Ourworx is a space I feel proud to bring my clients into. The informal meeting areas are relaxed and comfortable. And the fact I have use of the boardroom anytime I need it, means that I can hold all my meetings in a serious, professional environment, giving me credibility I could never get from meetings at home, or in a local coffee shop.

For more information about an Ourworx serviced office, click HERE. Or pop by for an informal visit – we’re always happy to show you around and let you get the feel of the place.

Building up a Small Business – The First Year Decisions That Can Make Your Business Fly

At Ourworx we cater for all kinds of businesses. Some of the businesses based at our Stockport office space are startup companies, still in their first year of trading. Others have been trading a number of years.

For those in their first year, there have been some key decisions they have needed to make. Choices that have shaped the overall strategy and direction of their company.

One of the advantages of the mix of businesses at Ourworx is that advice and support is always available from someone who has experience. For startups in their first year, it is important to remain in control of their business and to follow their individual vision for the company. But it is also important to get support as well.

Objective advice can be invaluable, and the help of certain experts can prove the difference between ploughing a lonely furrow that is destined to failure and cultivating a sustainable business that is focussed on growth.

Get the help you need to grow

There is plenty of support available, particularly in Stockport. But all small businesses can gain an advantage from finding people to work with. Support might come from contracting work to certain skilled individuals, or maybe calling in some favours from friends and family.

Here are three core recommendations our customers at Ourworx suggest are vital to get right from the start.

1. Get help with your website

Your website is vital. And getting it right is one of the biggest decisions you can make. It is the public view of your businesses – your shop window – so it needs to reflect who you are, what your services are, but most importantly what you do for your customers and clients.

Getting a business website right is more complex than simply throwing up a brochure of your services. You will need to think of your domain name, the web provider, the structure of site, the copy (words) and who they are focussed to, whether you will have an e-commerce section and what calls to action you require. And that’s not even gone into the design, colours and branding you need to make your site stand out.

Many small business owners create their own site, and work on it themselves. But how long does it take? To read up and become competent on all of these topics could take days or even weeks of your time. Time you could be putting to good use by gaining more customers.

Working with a decent Web developer will save time and stress, freeing up your hours to focus on other aspects of the business. Make use of the experts in design, copy and development and you will see the benefits for years to come. Do it yourself and you might have a site that lasts a year before it looks unprofessional against to your competitors.

2. Get help with your bookkeeping

Cash flow is so important in the first 3 years so it’s imperative that you assess your finances carefully, ideally with some expert help. In larger organisations, all your tax and payment issues are looked after by the Finance Department, meaning that you don’t need to know how HMRC is calculating your corporation tax, or how the company makes its returns.

Work for yourself and you are exposed to the intricate world of small business accounting. With pressure to deliver accounts correctly, deadlines and rules you need to stick to, with the ever present threat of the tax inspector hanging over you.

Advice and guidance is available from HMRC, but working with an accountant is invaluable and give you a much clearer picture of your finances and how you can move forward. Accountants who work with small businesses are hugely experienced in helping startups. So make use of them – they want you to be successful. With real time reporting to HMRC being introduced in the next two years, the options of cloud based accounting systems will help you save hours of time, allowing you to quickly see information on your company finances and helping you log sales and monitor expenditure.

3. Get Out and About and Network

For the small business owner, life can be lonely. The only people you meet are clients, occasionally your accountant and, more occasionally, the barista in the local coffee shop. For some, this is perfect, for a while. But if you’ve been used to working in a busy office environment, life a lone business owner can become stifling and, in the end, detrimental to business growth and development.

Networking groups give you the opportunity to spread wings and get out amongst your fellow entrepreneurs. Not only can it be good fun, meeting with others and talking through your weekly events, but it can also be a critical element to your personal growth and your business development.

Joining a networking group can feel daunting at first, but for some businesses it can prove invaluable.

Here at Ourworx, we value networking very highly. Our customers network together informally every day – through our business lounge and our free tea, coffee and breakfast facilities. Simply by the way our offices are set up, we have an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and networking.

The first year of any business is the most exciting, but also the most vulnerable time. Receiving the help of experts, and the support of other, like-minded business owners, can be the difference between a business that flies, and a business that sinks, never to be heard of again.

Where do you work best? Does your office spaces promote the best from you?

In our Stockport office space, at Ourworx, we have a diverse community of businesses. Every one of our customers is running a different type of business, and comes from a different background.

Some are used to freelancing and running their own business, having worked for years from the home office. Others have come from a business background, but are now using their skills in new business ways.

The Perfect Office Environment

Each of our customers works separately, in their own dedicated office space, because each has their own requirements to help them produce their best work. Some thrive in a quiet, peaceful environment, while others enjoy a bustling, interactive setting.

Whether introverts or extroverts, at Ourworx, we celebrate the variety of how people work, and try to provide the best environment to help our customers produce their best results. We don’t pretend to have created the perfect work environment, as this probably doesn’t exist, but here are three basic characteristics we have strived to deliver to help our small business owners look get the most from their office space.

1. A Flexible Office Space to suit your needs

Optimising your working day, as a small business owner, is all about flexibility. Flexible working times, flexible lease terms, etc. With a growing freelance workforce, vibrant startup culture and a huge change in businesses encouraging agile working, workers have the option of much more flexibility than ever before.

At Ourworx, our flexible packages for small businesses give our customers the opportunity to be truly flexible about how they work. And with 24 hour access, our customers can work when it suits them.

2. Access to support and networking

Isolation is a big challenge for the small business owner or freelancer. People are social beings, and as much as many small business owners enjoy working for themselves, a consistent issue for many is loneliness. Working in complete isolation inhibits productivity. So it’s important to make sure you have access to an office space that gives a sense of community, without getting in the way.

Finding space away from the home to meet with others is therefore vitally important for the small business owner. This could be a coworking office or networking group where others gather and give us the opportunity to mix and gain support. Or it may be an office environment like Ourworx, where other, like minded entrepreneurs and business owners have the space to talk and exchange ideas and advice. Chance encounters in business often help fire inspiration and can drive vital businesses leads.

3. A comfortable space to work

Working in a clean, attractive office can have tremendous effects productivity and well-being. It’s often quoted that the state of your desk is a reflection of the state of your mind. But there’s no point having a clean tidy desk if the rest of the office space is tired, dirty and looks like it was last decorated in 1978.

By making the extra effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and the extra amenities, Ourworx has created a working environment that is both comfortable and professional. Our customers can choose to work where they’re comfortable, including comfy chairs, sofas, or within their own offices. And have the option to customise their own space to make it the perfect working environment for them.

Ourworx offices

All workers are different, but we believe that we have created an office space that caters to all types of workers and helps them get the best results. Some like interacting regularly while others prefer to be quiet for longer periods. Having a workspace that has an open plan style, with individual offices and some quiet areas gives our customers a flexible varied space and benefits for all.

At Ourworx office we have office spaces, break out spaces and a separate meeting room, covering the bases for all workers. Self employment needn’t be done in isolation. Come and join us at Ourworx to learn the benefits of an office space that enhances how you work.