Location matters! The right office rental in the right location can enhance your business

Here’s why we think an office rental in Stockport is important for your business

Small business is booming in Stockport.

In recent years there has been an explosion of self employed, freelancers and small businesses springing up. Many entrepreneurs start up at home, then gravitate to coffee shops. But your choice of the location of your business can have a major impact on your business.

Office location matters

Location and presentation can make or break your business. It doesn’t matter if you manage 95% of your business from online, or if you’re a sales or marketing company that takes inbound calls and never speaks with customers face-to-face. If you don’t have the right location, you see the benefits.

Here are a few reasons we believe that location matters, even to an online businesses.

The right office rental enhances your visibility

No matter what you do, businesses do need to be visible. It is true 78% of Internet users research products online, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want to see evidence of your company’s existence.

If you’re a small start-up or you aren’t a name-brand (yet), your business would do well to be in a location that is trustworthy, reputable and gives the image of professionalism.

An office space, like Ourworx, gives your brand an element of trust that can’t be had found in the coffee shop. Customers will be more likely to trust you online if they know you have a real office in a real business community.

The right office rental does wonders for your reputation

Allied with visibility is reputation. People look up where your business is located, especially in the B2B field. Which means that the a professional looking office will enhance you reputation as a business.

The other factor that affects your reputation is your staff. Your products and services are one thing, but if you have a sales team who can’t sell or marketing agents who don’t know the latest advertising, you won’t get very far. Setting up a business in the right location to attract motivated, hardworking employees will boost your company’s reputation.

Putting your business in a cheap, run-down building to save money, won’t build your reputation. Customers want to see your physical location as an inviting, well-to-do company, not one that looks like it might go out of business any day.

The right office rental can give you more motivation

Even if your small business is mostly online, you’ll still have to spend time at your desk. The biggest problem people moving into self employment find they have to deal with is often loneliness. Working on your own in a business can be isolating. Which affects motivation.

An inspiring office rental location will remove that isolation, and inspire you to be more motivated than ever before.

The same can be said for any staff you employ. Your employees are your most important business asset, and they need to be taken care of. Nothing will remove your employees motivation faster than a dirty, shabby or poorly maintained office environment. Find a location that will be sure to attract the right employees, and you will have a motivated staff who will go that extra mile for you and your business.

The right office rental will help your business grow!

The more people are aware of your business, the more business you’ll get. Studies show that word of mouth is still the primary way people recommend local businesses, with 72% of people saying that they recommend businesses this way, as opposed to social media or online reviews.

As your reputation, visibility and motivation increase, so will your business opportunities. Having a quality location for your business, your customers will find you more easily connect with you more fully.

So even if your business is largely online, having a great physical location in a great office rental will make your products and services more accessible to your customers and will make your business grow.

Ourworx offers the best office rental space in Stockport

Location isn’t just about where your office sits. It’s about your company culture and accessibility. At Ourworx we have worked hard to foster a thriving, professional atmosphere in an amazing office space. Our relaxed office environment creates the perfect balance of space and creativity.

We have office spaces available for all sizes of small business. As well as break out areas and a separate meeting room. Covering the bases for all workers and all needs.

Come and see why our location is so great and why our customers chose our location for their business.

Join us at Ourworx to learn the benefits of how an office space can enhance how you work.

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