Amazing spaces inspire business – Our top solutions for making Ourworx and amazing office space

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an office space that doesn’t inspire you to be productive. None of us work well, when we are stuck in a tiny dull box, with no windows, no light and no personality.

According to research, the most important factor in workplace productivity is our physical environment. This is particularly important for small businesses and startups, where the business owner, or a small team is tasked with delivering high quality work, sometimes putting in long hours to make sure the job is done. Productivity, here, needs to be at a maximum which is difficult to sustain when you’re working in something that feels like a shoe box!

That’s why, at Ourworx, we’ve worked hard to make even our smallest office spaces fantastic areas to work in. By working through and understanding the problems most offices face, we’ve developed solutions for our working space that genuinely inspire productivity, and make our customers excited about coming in to work here every day.

1. Let there be light!

No one wants to work in a dark, dingy office, so having good lighting is important to develop a happy workplace. Office lighting can have an enormous effect on productivity. There are dozens of problems that can be attributed to poor lighting, from migraines and eye strain to a reduced ability to concentrate. On top of this, too much artificial light confuses our body clock, making us less able to sleep well at night and more tired during the day.

At Ourworx we’ve made a feature of our lighting to keep things bright and cheerful. With large windows to give natural sunlight and our unique lighting plan, Ourworx is never dingy or dark, helping you work in the most comfortable light, whatever the weather outside.

2. Relaxed and welcoming communal areas

The ability to escape your computer for half an hour, to take a break and stop thinking about how to fix that nagging customer problem, is critical for maintaining your health and your working sanity.

At Ourworx we’ve created a space where everyone can leave their individual offices to relax, chat and hang out. It’s a great way to boost moral in the building and to increase productivity, and it is also the perfect place for some informal networking and relationship building.


3. Flexible working times

Working a standard 9 to 5 isn’t always the right solution for small businesses, startups or for the self-employed. And strict hours don’t always correlate with the best times for individuals to work.

Flexibility is key, for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Unless you have important meetings or pressing deadlines, it might be best for you and your co workers to follow hours that suit you, to make the most of when you’re all most productive.

At Ourworx, every customer has 24hour access to the building. 7 days a week. 52 weeks of the year. Meaning that we, unlike so many office spaces, offer truly flexible working options for our customers.


4. Eat well and be healthy

Happy, healthy workers get more done! Which means that’s it’s important to have proper meal times, and have food and beverages available throughout the day. According to one study nearly two thirds of employees leave the office regularly on a coffee/snack run each day. The US report showed this equated to 2.4 billion hours of lost productivity!

Whilst it can be productive to get out and have a mind refreshing walk at lunchtime, or anytime during the day, it’s important that it doesn’t take too much time out of the day.

At Ourworx, all tea and coffee is provided as part of the office package. Our customers benefit from feeling motivated and cared for, and also from improved informal communication, as people gravitate around the kitchens and communal areas to snack, drink a coffee or tea, and talk over the problems and business solutions of the day.


5. Green Fingers – clear mind

An office space that is bare, without pictures, ornaments, personal souvenirs or plants is “the most toxic space you can put a human into,” according to psychologists researching at the University of Exeter. Their study suggests that plants can reduce stress and sickness and can significantly improve productivity. And, on top of that, they also brighten the place up!

With that in mind, we created a space at Ourworx that is the very epitome of calm. With plants, pictures and ornaments in the communal areas, and space in each individual office for your own mementos. By making sure that we understand how people work best, Ourworx has been able to offer a working space that inspires our customers every day.

6. Furniture choices matter, so we went for quality

Poor quality furniture leads to a poor working experience, which leads to a poor quality work. If your chairs don’t fit the desk, or the desk is too small, or the legs are falling off your coffee table, you won’t feel like a professional business, and your work like one either.

We’ve made a conscious effort with our furniture to get the best wherever we can. All office furniture is included in the office package our customers take with us, so that they get the best, whether they are working in their individual offices, in the communal space, or making use of the luxury boardroom.


7. Remember to have fun!

Socialising with work colleagues is part of being a happy and hardworking team. And if you’re working on your own, it’s even more important to have some social time with other, like-minded business owners.

Every Friday is Beer and Pizza Friday at Ourworx. Where our customers have the opportunity to get to know each other, relax and wind down after a busy week. By providing the opportunity for social interaction and fun at work, we find our customers work better within their businesses and create an atmosphere of productivity, comfort and inspiration every single day.

relaxed office space

For more information about our amazing space, here at Ourworx, or to arrange an informal visit, contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of our homepage here.

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