Where do you work best? Does your office spaces promote the best from you?

In our Stockport office space, at Ourworx, we have a diverse community of businesses. Every one of our customers is running a different type of business, and comes from a different background.

Some are used to freelancing and running their own business, having worked for years from the home office. Others have come from a business background, but are now using their skills in new business ways.

The Perfect Office Environment

Each of our customers works separately, in their own dedicated office space, because each has their own requirements to help them produce their best work. Some thrive in a quiet, peaceful environment, while others enjoy a bustling, interactive setting.

Whether introverts or extroverts, at Ourworx, we celebrate the variety of how people work, and try to provide the best environment to help our customers produce their best results. We don’t pretend to have created the perfect work environment, as this probably doesn’t exist, but here are three basic characteristics we have strived to deliver to help our small business owners look get the most from their office space.

1. A Flexible Office Space to suit your needs

Optimising your working day, as a small business owner, is all about flexibility. Flexible working times, flexible lease terms, etc. With a growing freelance workforce, vibrant startup culture and a huge change in businesses encouraging agile working, workers have the option of much more flexibility than ever before.

At Ourworx, our flexible packages for small businesses give our customers the opportunity to be truly flexible about how they work. And with 24 hour access, our customers can work when it suits them.

2. Access to support and networking

Isolation is a big challenge for the small business owner or freelancer. People are social beings, and as much as many small business owners enjoy working for themselves, a consistent issue for many is loneliness. Working in complete isolation inhibits productivity. So it’s important to make sure you have access to an office space that gives a sense of community, without getting in the way.

Finding space away from the home to meet with others is therefore vitally important for the small business owner. This could be a coworking office or networking group where others gather and give us the opportunity to mix and gain support. Or it may be an office environment like Ourworx, where other, like minded entrepreneurs and business owners have the space to talk and exchange ideas and advice. Chance encounters in business often help fire inspiration and can drive vital businesses leads.

3. A comfortable space to work

Working in a clean, attractive office can have tremendous effects productivity and well-being. It’s often quoted that the state of your desk is a reflection of the state of your mind. But there’s no point having a clean tidy desk if the rest of the office space is tired, dirty and looks like it was last decorated in 1978.

By making the extra effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and the extra amenities, Ourworx has created a working environment that is both comfortable and professional. Our customers can choose to work where they’re comfortable, including comfy chairs, sofas, or within their own offices. And have the option to customise their own space to make it the perfect working environment for them.

Ourworx offices

All workers are different, but we believe that we have created an office space that caters to all types of workers and helps them get the best results. Some like interacting regularly while others prefer to be quiet for longer periods. Having a workspace that has an open plan style, with individual offices and some quiet areas gives our customers a flexible varied space and benefits for all.

At Ourworx office we have office spaces, break out spaces and a separate meeting room, covering the bases for all workers. Self employment needn’t be done in isolation. Come and join us at Ourworx to learn the benefits of an office space that enhances how you work.

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