Business image means a lot – The right office space can enhance your business

Business startups in Stockport and the North West have hit an all time high. Small business numbers have grown dramatically in recent years as sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs set up and look to develop their strengths to build a growing successful business.

With so many startups, and such a lot of competition out there, it’s vital to hit the right note with clients and to develop the best possible image for your new business, so that your customers want to come back to you again and again.

Developing your small business image

There is plenty of advice out there to support small business development, but the one piece thing that all the growth advisors, business development coaches and support networks agree on is that establishing the right image is key to building relationships with clients.

Here are a three simple tips to help you improve your image in your small business marketing efforts.

1. Get the branding and imagery right

Branding is the promise of what you deliver. But your visuals are important tools for delivering a suitable image fbusiness. It’s important to use appropriate imagery to build your credibility and to bond with prospects and customers. This makes your photos, pictures and illustrations important tools – particularly on your website.

If potential buyers can clearly see the features of a product you’re selling, they feel more confident that you’re selling what you promise.

On top of that, high-quality image of your company, office location and working environment ground you as a solid business that has a permanent base, rather than a backroom amatuer whose business is transient and soon to disappear.

2. Use feedback to evaluate your image

Getting feedback from your customers and staff is invaluable. You can use it to evaluate your image and make changes where necessary.

It’s often the case that a business owner believes that they are projecting a particular image of their business, when in actuality fact, customers and staff perceive the business in a completely different way. If this is the case, something has been lost in translation, and needs to be remedied.

Collecting feedback from a number of sources delivers a wide range of opinions, and can help you see what works well, what can be improved and how to grow and move forward.

3. Office Location Does Matter

A conference call to someone in the PJs doesn’t give the most positive image of their business acumen. In the same way, phone calls to clients interrupted by the doorbell, the dog, or screaming children, can leave you looking like a backroom amateur, rather than a serious business owner. Likewise, holding client meetings in the local branded coffee house is acceptable on the odd occasion, but it’s not a long term solution for providing an image of activity, enthusiasm and forward momentum.

Location is everything – presentation can make or break your business. It doesn’t matter if you manage 95% of your business from online, or if you’re a sales or marketing company that takes inbound calls and never speaks with customers face-to-face, if you don’t have the right location, you won’t get the business. Your office location and situation does matter, in small businesses, people still buy and do deals locally, with someone they can meet face to face to talk to. Having the right location to meet, the facilities and atmosphere, makes all the difference.

Ourworx Offices – perfect for your small business image

A high quality office location, such as OurWorx, can have a huge impact on your identity, and can boost your own enthusiasm for your brand. Most rented office spaces like OurWorx have dedicated areas to host a client meeting in a vibrant working office space ensures you maintain an air of legitimacy and professionalism.

For more information contact us HERE, or pop in for an informal visit. We’re always happy to show you round and help you find the best solution to give your business the perfect image for the future.

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