Our customers tell us what they like most about Ourworx offices in Stockport

The customers at our serviced offices in Stockport are a diverse and interesting bunch. Some have long established businesses, others are new startups or are moving from a startup to step-up phase of business. They found their way to our luxury offices for a variety of reasons.

We talked to three of them, and asked what led them to Ourworx and why they love being here so much.

Tell us who you are

Rob, Search and More: We are a web design and marketing agency. We’ve got over 25 years of industry experience, helping our clients build their online presence in a way which secures them real engagement and a viable connection with their audience.

Alex Gunning, Chase Personnel: Chase Personnel is an RPO recruitment company, which means we handle all the recruitment processes for our clients. We work across 3 key sectors: Health & Social Care, Construction & Property and Sales & Admin. We provide high quality hires from entry level staff through to senior leadership placements.

Anna Myers, Myers Motor Merchandising: We’ve been trading for a long time, providing promotional products to the motor trade. We have a long standing relationship with many clients built over years of good service.

What made you look for new serviced offices in Stockport?

Rob: We had offices in Poynton. We had a good deal and were very happy. But the lease suddenly increased dramatically, above market value. We’re happy to pay for the space we rent, but we didn’t feel this was the best deal available to us. So we looked around.

Alex: Essentially, when I kicked off, I was working from home and trying to juggle my home life with work life, all in the same space. I had a year of doing that – and a year was enough! Plenty of people wouldn’t admit it, but I knew I was getting stale and I knew I wasn’t reaching my potential.

Anna: For the last few years, I’ve been working out of a home office. It suited me to start with, but after a while I just felt so isolated and depressed. I need to be around people. If I’m not, I lose focus on the business and find myself on a downward spiral. Work suffers, home life suffers, productivity goes down and the business suffers as a result.

Where did you look for offices?

Rob: Everywhere! We looked into all the options very carefully. There are cheap offices out there, but we need to be able to meet clients in a professional atmosphere, and we have standards to uphold. There are lots of offices available in Stockport, but some we looked at were badly appointed, whilst others at the higher end of the market were expensive for what they were. Whilst there are some good office locations, we didn’t feel at home in any of them. Nothing felt quite right.

Alex: I looked all over. I didn’t want to pay the earth, but I wanted somewhere that reflected our values as a growing agency. I needed to be able to do candidate interviews in private and I needed somewhere I would feel proud to bring my clients. I wanted the Manchester agency feel, but without the extra cost.

Anna: There’s plenty of office rentals out there, but not all of them are suitable. Some offered a good deal on the  surface, with a very cheap rental package. But when visited, there was just no atmosphere – people were shut up in their own offices, with nowhere to break out or relax and no sense of community. It wasn’t what I know I need to be productive.

How did you find Ourworx Stockport Offices?

Rob: We found Ourworx through the web and decided to have a look. The minute we walked in through the door, we knew. It is an amazing space. We felt immediately that it was a suitable space for our kind of business, but there were other factors that swung it for us.

Alex: A friend of mine had an office space here and suggested I come in and have a look. As someone who’s business is founded on trusted relationships and referrals, I was looking for someone I trusted to help me find just what I needed. I wasn’t let down. He sent me through some images of the space inside, and I was amazed. It looks like a fantastic, and when I came in to visit, I wasn’t disappointed. I knew immediately that it was a place I needed to be, but there were other factors that helped me decide too.

Anna: I found Ouroworx on Gumtree. The first thing that attracted me was the practicality of the location. Being so close to the travel network, and yet with free onsite parking, I was itching to find out more. And then I saw the inside!

What made you join Ourworx and take an office package?

Rob: The price was perfect for us. We are saving £150 a month from our previous office space, and the facilities are light years ahead. We get easy access to the whole north west region, the train into Manchester is fast and reliable, and the free onsite parking is a must. Add to that, free tea, coffee and an amazing space to bring people into, and we knew we had the perfect solution for our agency.

Alex: The location is great. Vital, too, is the free onsite parking. It was a premium concern for me. The last thing I need when I come into work is to struggle to find a space! On top of that, the facilities are first rate. It’s a great space to bring people into, but also its an inspiring space to work in. It makes coming into the office a pleasure. I feel proud of it. The price was on the upper side of what I was prepared to pay. Still really reasonable, but there were cheaper office spaces out there I looked at. But just none of them had the same facilities and high quality. That’s what set this place apart. Lots of cheap offices feel run down, and unloved, but this is a nice place to come to.

Anna: It’s such an amazing space to be working in. Really high class finish to everything, but so reasonable too. And the atmosphere was just what I knew I needed. It’s buzzing in here. There’s always someone around to talk to if I need a break or five minutes to switch off. But, more importantly, there’s always someone who can help out if I have a problem or an idea I need to bounce around. I took a larger office than we needed to start with. Because we are a growing business and we are looking to increase staff. Ourworx have been brilliant at accommodating us and we’ve got the option of moving into a larger space whenever we need.

What facilities do you appreciate the most?

Rob: The value. Everything is bundled in together. Broadband and service charges aren’t extras, but are included in the price. And the packages on offer are flexible too. We have a good sized office space, enough for our team. But if we want to expand there are plenty of options available to support that. The boardroom and meeting spaces are very important to our business. Having the meeting spaces to chat informally with clients is invaluable.  We settled in straight away. It does feel like a family, and a very welcoming one at that.  We’ve made some great connections working here and have been able to offer help to some of the smaller businesses who are in the startup phase. There is buzz here. Everyone says it. And we feel as though we make a great contribution to the atmosphere. Wayne, the manager of Ourworx says: “The only thing they can’t do here is sleep!” It’s a great quote and totally true!

Alex:  I feel at home when I come in! It’s comfortable and yet still maintains a professional atmosphere. Having other people around to say morning to, or to grab a coffee and a chat with makes it much more friendly. There’s a buzz to the place that’s infectious. It makes me more productive being here, there’s no doubt about that.

Anna: I’m so much better motivated. Being in a thriving business environment rubs off and the results from my business bare this out. There’s been a noticeable increase in sales, and this is purely due to being more productive and more focussed and motivated, as well as working from a business atmosphere with a proper business address.  Ourworx is a space I feel proud to bring my clients into. The informal meeting areas are relaxed and comfortable. And the fact I have use of the boardroom anytime I need it, means that I can hold all my meetings in a serious, professional environment, giving me credibility I could never get from meetings at home, or in a local coffee shop.

For more information about an Ourworx serviced office, click HERE. Or pop by for an informal visit – we’re always happy to show you around and let you get the feel of the place.

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