Ourworx Customers talk – What do you like about Ourworx?

We like getting to know our customers, here at Ourworx Office Solutions. It helps us to help them build their business, and it makes sure that we are still providing them with the best facilities possible.

We asked Alex Gunning, from Chase Personnel to have a chat with us, to talk about his business and how he’s making use of his serviced office at Ourworx.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Alex Gunning, I’m the head of resourcing at Chase Personnel. I’ve worked in recruitment for many years and I’m responsible for managing candidate campaigns and maintaining advertising platforms.

Tell us about your business

Chase Personnel is an RPO recruitment company, which means we handle all the recruitment processes for our clients. We work across 3 key sectors: Health & Social Care, Construction & Property and Sales & Admin. We provide high quality hires from entry level staff through to Senior Leadership placements.

What’s your business’s history?

I started Chase Personnel up as a single person business. Essentially, when I kicked off, I was working from home and trying to juggle my home life with work life, all in the same space. I had a year of doing that. And a year was enough! Plenty of people wouldn’t admit it, but I knew I was getting stale. It’s not like I didn’t have some moderate success, things were going okay, but I knew I wasn’t reaching my potential.

How did you look to solve that?

I picked up a contract working within a company for six months. After completing that, I just didn’t want to go back to working at home. I realised how much I’d missed the office life. How much being in contact with working people mattered, not just because it made my day more varied and interesting, but also because being in a working atmosphere helped me to be more productive and innovative too. I had the added incentive of needing to take on someone else as well – so I started to look around for an appropriate space.

Where did you look for offices?

All over. There’s plenty out there, but too many are badly appointed, or just scruffy and cheap looking. While I didn’t want to pay the earth, I wanted someone that reflected our values as a growing agency. I wanted somewhere that I could do candidate interviews in private, but also somewhere I’d feel proud to bring my client businesses. I wanted the Manchester agency feel, but without the extra cost.

How did you come across Ourworx?

Recommendation. A friend of mine had an office space here, and he suggested I come in and have a look. As someone who’s business is founded on trusted relationships and referrals, I was looking for someone I trusted to help me find just what I needed. I wasn’t let down. He sent me through the pictures and I was amazed. It looks like a fantastic space, and when I came in to visit I wasn’t disappointed. I knew immediately that it was a place I needed to consider, but there were other factors that helped me decide too.

What made you join Ourworx and take an office package?

The location is great. I get easy access to the road network, motorway and the train into Manchester is quick and regular. Vital, too, was the free onsite parking. It’s such a premium concern. Last thing I need when I come into work is to struggle to find a space!

On top of that, the facilities are first rate. It’s a great space to bring people into, but also its an inspiring space to work in. It makes coming into the office a pleasure. I feel proud of it.

The price was on the upper side of what I was prepared to pay. Still reasonable, but there were cheaper office spaces out there I looked at. But just none of them had the same facilities and high quality. That’s what set this place apart. Lots of cheap offices feel run down, and unloved, but this is a nice place to come to.

What facilities do you appreciate the most?

Apart from the free tea and coffee, the boardroom and meeting spaces are most valuable to our business. If I want to interview candidates, which is a vital part of our proposition, having the meeting spaces to chat informally and then the boardroom to have the formal private interviews with prospects is invaluable.

How do you feel, coming into Ourworx every morning?

I feel at home! It’s striking when you come in, but having other people around to say morning to, or to grab a coffee and a chat with, makes it much more homely and friendly. The office is comfortable. The furnishings are first class. And there’s a buzz to the place that’s infectious. It makes me more productive being here, there’s no doubt about that.

What about the future

I have a growth plan in place. We are moving forwards as a business. I employ several staff now and we are moving towards having more. It’s another reason I chose Ourworx, its flexibility. There are a range of office spaces available here, and moving into a larger office when I need it is no problem at all. Just as downsizing wouldn’t be a problem either. It’s been a great place for us to come to and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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