Ourworx Customers talk – Search and More tells us why they came to Ourworx

Our customers came to us at Ourworx for a variety of reasons. This month we talk to Search and More, who have been with us since the middle of 2016. They told us why they are loving being here.

Tell us about Search and More

We are a web design and marketing agency, based in Stockport. With over 25 years of industry experience, we help our clients build the online presence of our clients in a way which secures them real engagement and a viable connection with their audience.

What sets you apart from other digital agencies?

We know that many well-known methods are effective, but we believe that they can only be truly impactful when they are utilised in conjunction with one another, taking into account both the client and Google to ensure quality visits from viable searches. We also pride ourselves on designing and constructing every project in-house, with a carefully-selected group of professionals who have been hand-picked for their diverse expertise.

Where were you based before coming to Ourworx?

For the last few years, we had been based in offices in Poynton. We had a very good deal and were very happy where we were. There wasn’t any need to change as we had a rolling 12month contract and a good relationship with the existing landlord. But then things changed.

What changes were made?

The lease suddenly increased dramatically. It was as though the landlord realised they could get much more out of the businesses in his offices, and instead of looking at whether this was the right thing to do in the long term, they pushed for as high as they could get.

Why did you decide to move?

For us, it wasn’t so much that we couldn’t afford the new rent, but we felt it was above market value, and that we were being used as a cash cow. We’re happy to pay for the space we rent. After all, that’s what good businesses do, you pay for what you need, alongside providing a great service, but we didn’t feel this was the best deal available to us. So we looked around.

Where did you look for offices?

Everywhere! We looked into all the options very carefully. There are cheap offices out there, but we are an agency, and that means we need to be able to meet clients in a professional atmosphere, and we have standards to uphold. There are lots of offices available in Stockport but some were too scruffy, or badly appointed, whilst others at the higher end of the market were expensive for what they were. Whilst there are some good office locations, we didn’t feel at home in any of them. Nothing felt quite right.

How did you come across Ourworx?

We found Ourworx through the web and decided to have a look. The minute we walked in through the door we knew. It is an amazing space. We knew immediately that it was a suitable space for our kind of business, but there were other factors that swung it for us.

What made you join Ourworx and take an office package?

The price was perfect for us. We are saving £150 a month from our previous office space, and the facilities are light years ahead. We get easy access to the whole north west region, the train into Manchester is fast and reliable, and the free onsite parking is a must. Add to that, free tea, coffee and breakfast, and an amazing space to bring people into, and we knew we had the perfect solution for our agency.

What facilities do you appreciate the most?

The value. Everything is bundled in together. Broadband and service charges aren’t extras, but are included in the price. And the packages on offer are flexible too. We have a good sized office space, enough for our team. But if we want to expand there are plenty of options available to support that. The boardroom and meeting spaces are very important to our business. Having the meeting spaces to chat informally with clients is invaluable.

How do you feel, coming into Ourworx every morning?

We settled in straight away. It does feel like a family, and a very welcoming one at that.  We’ve made some great connections working here and have been able to offer help to some of the smaller businesses who are in the startup phase. There is buzz here. Everyone says it. And we feel as though we make a great contribution to the atmosphere. Wayne, the manager of Ourworx says: “The only thing they can’t do here is sleep!” It’s a great quote and totally true!

What about the future?

We are a growing business. We have a great team and we are looking to move forwards and add to it. Ourworx is so flexible we can expand as much as we like. It’s been a great place for us to come to and we’d recommend it to anyone.

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