Choosing a Stockport Office Space? Here are 5 things you should consider

The right office space can make a big difference for your business.

If you’re looking for an office space in Stockport, there are plenty of choices. But getting the right office space that’s suited to your business is incredibly important and can have long lasting effects. Not only will affect your daily operations and your morale, but it’s also a reflection of your brand and your image as a company.

There are so many factors that impact which Stockport office you choose, but here are 5 that we think every small business should consider. Overlook any of these, and you could end up disappointed.

1. What are the best Stockport Office Locations

“Location, location, ….” how does that one end? We’ve all heard the phrase plenty of times. But it’s vitally important to remember when you’re making a decision about which office location in Stockport you want to rent.

Four basic questions to always ask are:

  • Can clients get to the office easily?
  • Can I and my employees get into work on time?
  • Is there parking?
  • Is the office location close enough to road and rail?

Some offices tick two of these, but do any of them tick all of them?

There are other considerations too, such as the security of the particular area, as well and what’s close to the office.

Are there shops, cafe’s or sandwich bars nearby for staff to get lunch? Is there a local gym or pool close enough for lunchtime exercise? Is there a local pub within easy walking distance for those after work wind-down (or winding-up) gatherings?

All these things are important for keeping you and your staff happy and sane! And for looking after your clients too.

Finding an office space that has all of these things will put you well on the way to your dream Stockport office location.

2. What is the Cost of Office Rental?

The most important thing for a small business – Cashflow!

The cost of renting an office space is probably the most influential factor to small businesses choosing a new office.

Spend too little and you will end up in an unpleasant location with no amenities – leaving you and your employees unhappy. And you’ll probably want to move out after a few months, if the leasing agreement will let you!

Spend too much, and you could struggle to pay the rent or have to move again to downsize – if the archaic leasing agreement will let you!

Four questions to ask yourself

  • Can I afford to pay the deposit and three months rent on the office?
  • Is the leasing agreement for 12 months, and if so, where will my business be in 12 months, realistically?
  • What are the hidden costs, such as maintenance, cost of parking, internet, tea and coffee etc.)
  • Is the price in line with similar Stockport office spaces in the area?

The cheapest isn’t always the best. Asking about hidden costs helps you protect yourself against being stung with charges you didn’t expect. At Ourworx all our costs are inclusive in the overall rental package. We also offer flexible packages, so that our clients aren’t caught out by long leases they just can’t afford.

3. How Large does your Office Rental need to be?

Size matters. There is a general rule that offices should deliver 70 square feet per person. But it’s your business, and you know your needs best of all. Having space to expand is also an important factor. As is the availability of meeting space, informal rest and relaxation spaces, places to meet with clients and somewhere you and your colleagues can eat lunch!

Four simple questions that’ll help you work out if the Stockport offices you’re looking at are the right size:

  • Do I have enough space for every member of staff? Will we be too cramped or rattling around in a space that’s too big?
  • Do I have room to grow, in line with my growth plans?
  • Is there a dedicated space for meetings with clients?
  • Are my staff and employees going to be happy with the communal areas areas?

Finding the right size is important. Room to expand, or to shrink as required is vital for an agile small business.

4.  What is the Infrastructure of the Office Space?

This is much more important than some people realise. Very few businesses can function now without a reliable internet connection.

Some offices include internet access as part of their rent, but in some places you will need to factor in the cost of getting a line connected and the monthly payments.

Remember to investigate the quality and reliability of the service too. There’s no point paying for internet that isn’t up to the strain, particularly in the middle of a vital project or client deliver.

Four questions to consider for the infrastructure:

  • Is internet an additional cost or included in the office rental? What does that do to your monthly payment schedule?
  • Have you talked to anyone else in the building, or read the Google reviews to see what their experience has been?
  • What are the speed rates? And can you get a speed test to make sure you will get sufficient bandwidth?
  • Do you get a dedicated postal address included?

Offices like Ourworx, that have internet included in the cost of the rental package, and superfast broadband are a definite advantage. But don’t take our word for it, pop by and talk to any of our customers for a first hand experience.

5. What is the Office Style? Is it in keeping with your business brand?

As James Brown says, “It’s got to be funky!”

Maybe not quite what everyone thinks of, but it’s important to consider what style the building and office are. If you have spent a lot of time (and money) creating a brand around your business that is sleek, modern and all forward thinking, but bring your clients to a dingy dark, miserable grey office, what does it say about you?

Your brand is all about the promise of what you deliver. You want to protect it, so your office should reflect your brand values.

Here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Would you be proud showing off the interior of the office space to clients, or on  your website?
  • What are the other businesses in the office space. Are they similar to your business, professional enough to make you look good?
  • Can you customise the office space, at no extra cost to make sure it is inline with your brand?

If you’re answering no to any of these questions, then keep looking.

We challenge you to find an office in Stockport that rivals Ourworx for style, price, infrastructure location etc.

Why not pay us a visit and see for yourselves. We guarantee, you’ll not be disappointed when you do!

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