Why Choose a Serviced Office In Stockport? 7 Reasons a serviced office is better than a conventional space

For businesses looking to rent office premises in Stockport, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. The questions for many small business owners is, how do you know what’s the best option for you, and whether you should rent a simple conventional office space, or a serviced office?

Here’s seven reasons why we believe business owners might choose a serviced office as the perfect home for their organisation.

1. Serviced offices give peace of mind

The main advantage of renting a serviced offices is that it gives you, a busy business owner, a much easier life! In a serviced office, every aspect of running the building is taken care of.

For busy small business owners, this can be vitally important, giving you the freedom so you can concentrate on running your business.

At Ourworx, all aspects of the building are managed by us for our clients. They never have to worry about heating, lighting or the upkeep of the quality furnishings. Meaning that they can focus on building up their businesses and delivering for their clients.

2. All Included in the price

Serviced offices can give businesses who are looking for a small to medium sized office space a total occupancy solution.

In some offices, all the vital additions, such as broadband, telephones, heating and lighting bills etc. are extras that the business must negotiate with the supplier. At Ourworx we provide fully connected offices all including in the price. Even the tea and coffee come with the deal. This delivers great value for money for our customers and makes their lives easier as well.

3. Flexible Office Solutions

Many conventional office rentals are let by way of long leases. This reduces the ability of small businesses to be agile and able to respond to changes in business needs.

By offering flexible business packages, Ourworx can speed up the moving in process and give businesses the options of moving to larger or smaller spaces as and when necessary.

4. A Flexible Space you can grow into

Some providers offer furnished offices and others offer unfurnished. The key is to chose a space that gives you the most flexibility in terms of how you can use the space.

At Ourworx we have furnished our office to a high standard, but allowed businesses the ability to personalise their space with everything they need.

5. Better communal spaces

Serviced offices usually offer more than just simple work space. Meeting clients in front of a cluttered desk or in a one person office isn’t always the most appropriate space.

Having a business lounge area, and appropriate meeting rooms available, like those at Ourworx is a vital option for small business owners.

6. Serviced offices are cheaper than you think

The costs of occupying a serviced office may be less than you think. At Ourworx, your licence fee will include rent, service charge and broadband and business rates where  they are applicable.

With many conventional leased premises, small businesses end up paying rent and then service charge separately. You would usually then need to set up your own broadband and phones. On top of these costs there may also be greater repairing liabilities.

7. Not just for Start Up

There has been a misnomer that serviced offices are purely for startups moving out of home or small local businesses. This is not necessarily the case. At Ourworx we have spaces to suit all kinds of business needs. Our clients vary from one man band startups to well established organisations with several staff. All of them are with us so that they can make use of the flexibility serviced offices of high quality deliver for them.

Ourworx has something for everyone

At Ourworx, we welcome businesses of all kinds, from small startups and local businesses to small regional offices. All of them making use of a highly flexible, high quality office solution.

See what our customers have to say about their time here at Ourworx, or come and visit us for an informal tour. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial startup or an established business, Ourworx serviced offices are classy, contemporary, highly specified and very affordable.

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