10 Reasons to Become Self Employed and Work for Yourself

The life of a small business owner is sometimes painted as a long hard slog. You work all the hours you can to get the business off the ground, building up clients and working long into the night. All so you can retire early, and wealthy, and happy (hopefully).

But, in many people’s experience, working for yourself isn’t all an uphill battle. Yes, it can be frustrating, scary, difficult and a constant struggle. But for every struggle there are also plenty of rewards, and a ton of things that make working for yourself fulfilling, exciting and fun.

1. Work when you want, not when you’re told

Working for yourself means allocating your own time and working when it’s best and most convenient for you, rather than when the office is open. You don’t have to keep to the old 9-5 or worry about leaving early or starting late. With an Ourworx office you also never have to worry about ever being locked out. All our customers are afforded 24hour access allowing them to work at their pace in their business.

2. Never get a “chewing out” from the boss again

If things do go wrong, and they will occasionally, there’s no one to blame but yourself. This is a good thing. It means you can stay focussed on what the real issues are, rather than putting up with someone else’s mistakes or anger issue. The added bonus is that getting fired is no longer an option. You might run out of business or clients, but at least you won’t be suddenly told to clear your desk out of the blue and sent on gardening leave.

3. Cut out the daily horror commute

Lots of small business owners rent an office, but there’s no need to rent an office miles away from your home. Ourworx is neatly located close to all major roads and networks, and with free onsite parking, you never have to worry about getting to work on time.

4. Never put up with the office bore again

Who you work with is up to you. You’re in charge of hiring staff, you get to select the clients and you get to choose which freelancers and consultants you work with. You can choose people who inspire and motivate you and leave out the bores.

5. Choose your own work

You can always say no! The projects you work on are completely your choice. You don’t have to take on work that you aren’t interested in, because you know that following your passions is a best way to succeed. If you don’t want to do something, in most cases, you don’t have to do it – apart from paying HMRC, that is!

6. Holiday whenever you can

Got laptop – will travel. If you can get an internet connection and a phone signal, in most cases, you can work on the go. Which means you can take time off and still keep on top of your business. If clients and customers are satisfied, who cares where you are in the world?

7. Be healthier and eat healthier

How many complaints does it take before a large firm gets better quality coffee/food/facilities for its staff? Work for yourself and you’ll notice that you can eat better and have much better quality of life. Exercise when you want, and keep a healthier lifestyle. If you rent and office at Ourworx and you’ll have good quality coffee and tea available all the time, as well as breakfast included every day.

8. Don’t feel guilty about making personal things a priority

If you need to leave early for family reasons, you can leave early. Want to take that art and painting class? Go for it! You can work whenever suits you, and with 24hour access to your own personal office space at Ourworx, your schedule is completely your own. So, forget that worthless office guilt from the boss, or overzealous colleagues, your time belongs to you for you to prioritise as you see fit.

9. Dress down Friday, every day

Unless you are seeing clients and want to give a good impression, you don’t need to be suited and booted every day. Which means you can be yourself, relax and wear what you like. And if it’s the end of the week and you fancy a drink in the office, who’s to stop you? At Ourworx, Friday is beer and pizza day, with the fridge stocked, so our clients can relax after a busy week and look forward to the weekend.

10. Get all the benefits directly for you

Every little bit of effort you put into your business benefits you directly. If you work hard, you see the rewards straight into your bank account. And there’s nothing more satisfying than that!

For more information about renting a small business office space at Ourworx contact us today 0161 483 7719.

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