Networking is good for your business – Moxie Mingle Networking comes to Ourworx

No matter what size of business you are running, most your clients are won through referrals. According to Harvard Business School, 84% of business starts with a referral. Which means that, even in the online space, networking is a key activity for your business development.

Here at Ourworx, we value networking very highly. Our customers network together informally every day – through our business lounge and our free tea, coffee and breakfast facilities. Simply by the way our offices are set up, we have an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and networking.

But we also like to give our customers the opportunity to network more formally through events with other local businesses outside Ourworx. Which is why we are pleased to be hosting a Moxie Mingle Networking Event, on Thursday 6th April, right here in Ourworx.

Why Come Networking?

For the small business owner, life can be lonely. The only people you meet are clients, occasionally your accountant and, more occasionally, the barista in the local coffee shop.

For some, this is perfect, for a while. But if you’ve been used to working in a busy office environment, life a lone business owner can become stifling and, in the end, detrimental to business growth and development.

Networking groups give you the opportunity to spread wings and get out amongst your fellow entrepreneurs. Not only can it be good fun, meeting with others and talking through your weekly events, but it can also be a critical element to your personal growth and your business development.

Grow through Networking

Building a successful business takes a lot of time and energy. A network of trusted, like-minded other business owners can be an enormous support in keeping you going. Within any networking group there will be ideas, energy and tips of wisdom. All of which can help you maintain your enthusiasm for your business, as well as giving you valuable insights and advice for all those tricky situations every business owner endures.

By getting to know, like and trust the other members of the group, you can help each other to move forwards and help grow your businesses.

Leverage Other People’s Networks

It’s natural that networking will result in sales opportunities. Most people new to networking arrive at events hoping to sell directly to the other people in the group.

They can then be disappointed when this doesn’t happen straight away.

But the point of getting together with other like-minded business owners, isn’t to sell directly to them, but rather, to find out if their network is useful to you and vice versa.

One introduction usually leads to another, and another. By getting to know the people in any networking group you can leverage their existing network, using your new-found friends to find new opportunities for you.

On top of that, as you get to know more businesses through networking, you will find that you can better serve your own clients by referring them to complementary services they may need from within your networking group.

This is the epitome of networking –  helping each other to deliver joint services and business referrals from people you have got to know, like and trust.

Moxie Mingle is different kind of networking event

A networking event with a difference, Moxie Mingle has been running for several years, delivering new business opportunities to businesses in the South Manchester area. With a Moxie Mingle event, there’s no hard sell, no forced referrals required, no membership and no excessive commitment. Just the opportunity to make connections and forge new business relationships.

Open to all sectors of business, from sole traders to large organisations Moxie Mingle offers a relaxed, fun atmosphere, whilst still maintaining a business attitude that delivers opportunities and results.

Why not give networking a go? Join us at our luxury Ourworx offices and co-working space, on Thursday 6th April for a light lunch and the opportunity to meet and mingle with like-minded business people.

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