Communal Offices provide much more than just a roof over your head

Does your small business really need an office rental in the digital age? Here’s five reasons why working in a communal office space will always be beneficial for your business.

Small Business in the Digital Age

Every small business or start-up is using digital technology to power their business in some way. We rely on laptops, smartphones, Wi-Fi and cloud apps to keep us in touch, up-to-date with clients and to market our products and services. These technologies can give entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere there’s an internet connection. Whether it’s at home, in the coffee shop, the library … or even the pub …

But digital technology, on its own, isn’t enough to deliver growth and success. There are other vital elements that every successful business needs. Networking connections, clarity, collaborations and the working environment all play a vital role in making a small business into a successful business.

At Ourworx, we believe that the best environment to nurture small businesses is a dynamic supportive space, where small business owners can work with a community of like-minded individuals and companies. Because working in a communal office can offer a small business so much.

Networking Opportunities

Marketing your business through social and digital is a must in the “always-on” world. But human beings are social, and we achieve so much more when we work together. Even in the age of digital and social media, most small businesses still rely on a solid network of referrals to grow. Which means that personal connections are vital.

Communal offices workspaces, like Ourworx, allow you to build meaningful relationships with other business people, becoming known, liked and trusted, and creating a pipeline of referrals. This can happen through organised networking events, such as Moxie Mingle happening at Ourworx in April, or simply by spending time with other business people and leveraging their networks.

Even if you are a niche business, it makes sense to surround yourself with people who can inspire you and who will help your business to grow.

Agility and Flexibility

Small businesses need to be agile and nimble, and they require space where they can grow at a rate that suits them. Having the flexibility to scale up or down quickly is important for all businesses.

Ourworx is a fine example of a communal workspace that has the capacity and ability to provide small businesses with the flexibility they need. It’s important as a small business that you’re not trapped paying for a large office that you’ll never fill, and that you have the option to increase your space, should you require it.

Cut out the noise, focus on the growth

In a communal office workspace, like Ourworx, rates, cleaning, internet and other bills are included within your rental package. This allows you to focus on what’s most important – growing your business.

The less hassle, and paperwork, the more time you get to spend on what you do best – servicing your clients and customers and building up a business which thrives.

An environment that nurtures your business

The right office space can be the key to unlocking your potential. You might find the perfect office location that wows clients, but the best communal office spaces also actively encourage a supportive, collaborative culture.

No two days are the same, for small business owner, so you need to find an environment that takes this into account. Giving you the ability to work in private and the opportunity to collaborate with others.

At Ourworx, we work hard to nurture a dynamic atmosphere. That’s why we are actively promoting networking events such as Moxie Mingle in April.

Collaboration is the future

Self-employment and freelance working is growing in the UK. Freelance network, PeoplePerHour has predicted that by the end of the decade, 50% of the workforce will be working on temporary contract or self-employment.

Even with all the digital tools at their disposal, freelancers and small business owners need a flexible working approach and access to a supportive network, populated by people who share a common goal of business growth.

Communal offices, like Ourworx, are perfect for this emerging workforce. Giving you the opportunity to run your business where, when and how you want, as well as the chance to become part of a dynamic business focussed community.

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