Join Stockport’s Innovative Business Network Group and start receiving quality referrals each week!

Get quality referrals each week from other members in our group
Attend our structured, well organised network group to maximise your referrals
We meet every Tuesday morning at 6:45 am at our Ourworx offices (Stockport)
Network with 25 other like-minded business owners

Looking to make the best connections for your business?

Switch “ON” business referrals by joining us every week and meet a variety of professionals from all sectors within Stockport. Our mission for 2018 is to generate £1 million of referral business for those who sign up!

Who are we?

Ourworx Networking are a business network group that meet at Ourworx, luxury offive space in Stockport. We bring together a group of like-minded professionals and generate referrals for each other, as well as sharpening our business skills by meeting on a weekly basis and learning from one another.

Meet new businesses and build your network

By attending our weekly events, you will be one step closer to building up an exclusive network of contacts who can send business your way by referring you to others who will benefit from your service.

So, sit down with us every Tuesday to meet with a range of businesses and network over a hot and continental breakfast served with tea, coffee or fresh juice for just £9.95.

To confirm your place, or for any other enquiries, please email or give us a call on 0161 483 7719.

Ourworx offices,
Newby Rd
Newby Rd Industrial Estate