Moxie Mingle Networking at Ourworx – The perfect space for building business

On Thursday 6th April, Ourworx hosted a Moxie Mingle networking event. Conversations and connections were high on the agenda, as was admiration for the space and atmosphere of Ourworx.

Networking with a difference

About to celebrate its fifth birthday, Moxie Mingle is a networking group with a difference. Open to anyone and with no sector allegiance, Moxie offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that helps businesses small and large, old and new, to connect, form partnership and synergy, and build good working relationships, all bundled together with an excellent lunch and plenty of laughs along the way.

It came as no surprise, then, that the Moxie Minglers who joined us on Thursday last week, felt right at home. At Ourworx we pride ourselves on the ambiance of our working environment, and the networkers certainly made the most of it. Even with our business lounge nearly full plenty of space to mingle and move around the various chatting groups of entrepreneurs.

The perfect relaxed atmosphere

According to Wendy Green, the founder and facilitator of Moxie Mingle, there was a good turnout of twenty-five enthusiastic business people – which is more than decent considering the meeting was held during the Easter holidays. “The event was buzzing,” she told us afterwards. “And it’s such a fab venue for a networking event. The space lends itself to to our brand of relaxed and informal networking. It’s such a great place for small businesses to be.”

The event began with the usual hum of gentle chatter, as the Moxie Minglers old and new, mixed with businesses from Ourworx who were joining in. Before long though, business referrals were flying and conversations increased in excitement as people got to know each other’s propositions and connections were made.

Wayne Morris, owner of Ourworx told us: “These kinds of events are exactly what I envisaged when we renovated and developed the working space here. Everyone seemed to love the concept of office space built around collaboration, and on this occasion, collaboration with other businesses outside Ourworx was the key. I was really pleased that people new to Ourworx got chance to have a good look around. Not only to get to know our clients, but also to see what we are trying to achieve here. I felt very satisfied when I heard Ourworx described as “So different to everywhere else!” We’ve worked hard to create a light, spacious area as well as a great place to showcase a business. It seems our hard work has paid off.

Plenty of opportunities

Ourworx members are used to informal networking, as they get the opportunity to mingle and chat to each other every day, but as Jess Christie from Search and More told us, it was good to have other business come in as well. “We’ve made some really good connections today, and met some lovely people. It’s so important in small business to keep networking and meeting like-minded business people. It’s been a great addition to our regular daily conversations.”

With more networking events planned at Ourworx, and Moxie Mingle sure to make a return, we can look forward to more opportunity to grow business relationships for our clients as we help them to expand their networks and develop their businesses.

Check out some of the pictures from the day.

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