Simple rules to making the most of your office space

Whether you rent a one-person office or share a communal workspace, it’s important to maximise your place of work, to make sure you’re staying productive and on top of your business. Some office spaces naturally help you do this, others may just be hindering you, if they aren’t set up in an ergonomic way.

Here’s some simple rules to stick to, which will help make the most of your working environment, and keep your day clearer, focussed and more productive.

Keep it bright

Sometimes all it takes is a bit more light to make you feel better about your work space. If you have a small office, make sure you have plenty of lighting options. Lighter coloured decor, internal and external windows and plenty of interior lights give an open, airier feel to any space, no matter the size.

Changing the light can also dramatically affect the appearance of a small office, and affect your productivity. Dimly-lit rooms that have limited access to natural light can often cause drowsiness. Rooms that are too bright with artificial light can feel clinical and unwelcoming. Lighting options that allow you to change the mood depending on your activity will give you the right environment for you to work at your pace and to your schedule.

Keep it clean

Clearing out everything is a great way to evaluate just how much space you have. Keeping the office area clutter free with just the bare minimum of furniture means that you can organise your working space as efficiently as possible.

In a smaller office space, clutter can slow you down physically, but it also affects your mental productivity as well.

Some work psychologists also recommend having a few “cognitive artefacts” dotted around the office too, as thought starters or visual reminders associated with your work. All of this will help you have a greater sense of purpose as well as stimulating ideas.

Make use of Common Space

You can’t hold every meeting in your office. Whilst it’s useful to have a private space to discuss sensitive issues, it’s good practice to hold some meetings, even internal ones, in a separate space which isn’t used for every day working.

Communal areas in many office rentals can be small and restrictive, limited to a tiny kitchen or reception area. The office space at Ourworx has dedicated areas for communal meetings, as well as fully functional board room which can be used as part of the rental package. Making use of this space gives you more freedom and essentially extends your working environment beyond your simple office.

Create work zones

If you’ve got a small office, it can be difficult to maintain a certain amount of privacy. But dividing your space into zones can help organise both your work and your colleagues’.

Think about having a sofa or table available, to accommodate small groups. This can be where you work on collaborative projects. Separate this area from your desks, where you can have the quiet, private space to get on with individual assignments.

By having two very different work zones, you set a clear distinction for the two types of work that are being performed in the office. And you can create workspaces that benefit both types of workers.

Get furniture that fits

The most expensive furniture isn’t always suited to your workspace. An Eames Executive Work Chair might make you feel like a business mogul, but is it the most ergonomic for your space?

At Ourworx all office rental packages include quality furniture, like desks, pedestals, book cases etc. These have been sourced to compliment the office space and give you the best possible environment to work in. So, you don’t have to worry about cramming in a desk that doesn’t fit, or finding your office lacking in essential storage space.

Productivity in an office depends on comfort, so make sure you always have the best available to you.

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