The Benefits of Working in a Communal Office

Running a small business from a home office can be a lonely experience. There’s no one to bounce ideas off and no one to help motivate you. On top of that, the constant distractions can lead to a loss of focus, and a loss of productivity. Many small business owners find that working from home just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If this is you, the answer could be working in a communal office space, like the offices spaces available at Ourworx. From networking opportunities to joining forces with other businesses and learning from experienced entrepreneurs, there are many advantages to communal working.

Networking opportunity

One introduction leads to another, and another. Working in the same space as other businesses give you the opportunity to talk about what you do. You could find yourself working alongside new suppliers, new clients and also new friends, along with a valuable support network.

With business lounges for informal chat, break out areas and tea and coffee to break up the day, a shared office space can be the perfect place to kick start your networking activity. According to Harvard Business School, 84% of business starts with referral. So it’s all the more important for small businesses to make the most of the communal networking opportunity.


The potential for collaboration in a communal office is huge. Communal work spaces are a great place to meet new people, exchange new ideas, bounce technical challenges around and even look at profitable business integrations.

With entrepreneurs and small business owners, all within a single communal office space, there is usually a committed desire to share new, innovative solutions problems, and help each other overcome the all too common business obstacles.


Running your business from a very cramped bedroom or the box room office at home does get lonely. And keeping motivated for the long hall, takes discipline and considerable drive, especially after the first few months of excitement has died down.

Working alongside new people, who have a shared outlook and a desire to succeed, can be highly a motivating experience. Entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to be inspiring people. They are usually go-getters. Which means they are motivated and that motivation rubs off.

On top of this, a business-like environment, with quality furnishings, seamless IT infrastructure and an atmosphere of collaborative support, delivers huge benefits. Work spaces that offer this, like those available at Ourworx, are motivational in their own right.

Expert Support

One of the most beneficial aspects of a shared office space is the knowledge and experience that exists under the same roof. No matter what your business problem might be, you can guarantee that someone else has been through it, or has the contacts to help you solve it.

Although you might be working for different businesses in different sectors, you’re all walking down a similar path of business growth together. This common factor means that support, advice and mentoring is never far away, optimising everyone’s chances of reaching that breakthrough moment of success.

Save Money

For any small business, it’s important to keep expenses down. Sharing a workspace can have a beneficial effect on a small buisness bottom line. They offer a conducive environment without paying another mortgage.

Flexible office packages, like those available at Ourworx, are designed to suit the needs of small business owners. With the right package to support you, you can get all the motivation, advice and referrals you need, without being hit by a crippling cost.

Try a Communal Office and Start Seeing the Benefits

Small businesses like those based at Ourworx, benefit from working together in the same environment. In our office space, we have a mix of businesses from a variety of industries. Our customers are given the perfect opportunity to network, collaborate and benefit from the professional atmosphere and fantastic facilities.

With space for meetings and quiet time, and with breakfast, tea and coffee included, any small business can reap the rewards of increased productivity, and find the motivation to make growth a reality.

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